System specific installation

SAFENCE wire rope safety fence is available in a wide range of systems including systems specific assembly details. Number of cables, post profile, post footing, smaller assembly details and cable tension all depend on the specific SAFENCE system. Always consult SRB construction drawing and do not hesitate to contact Blue Systems if questions arise.


Median & side barriers

End anchor

A dead weight end anchor is installed at each end of a SAFENCE section to ensure correct function. A steel end anchor is buried into the ground using the existing masses as dead weight or a precast or cast in place concrete anchor is installed.

Post footing

Line posts might be direct driven into the ground without the use of post footings. However, we strongly suggest installing post footings in order to ensure quick and easy maintenance. Available footings are steel sleeve, conrete footing and two versions of bridge plates.

Post distance is dependent on desired containment level and functional properties of the system.